The official local group of

FreeCodeCamp in Karachi, Pakistan

Shared Values

We completely share the values and ideas of the freeCodeCamp's platform.


We connect developers and help beginners. We get people into coding.


We organize meetups, workshops, coding sessions and just have fun. :)


These are some of the goals we are planning to accomplish with our efforts.

Increase the number of Campers in Karachi.
Foster the environment of Open source contributions in Pakistan.
Help and guide students about Web Development with Javascript.
Provide students with an opportunity to connect with professionals.
Build a friendly, caring and helpful community under the umbrella of freeCodeCamp.
Build beginner friendly repos where new contributors can find easy task to contribute to.

The Numbers

Below is our work so far refelected in numbers.

Total Events
Chai & Code
Group Members
May 10, 2015

Our Sponsors & Partners

We are always looking out for sponsors to cover free chai and food, or the space where we can host our meetups!
Get in contact with one of the organizers to discuss further details.


These are the people who have contributed actively more than once with content for our meetings. Without these contributors FCCKarachi won't be like it is now.

Ali's Picture

Muhammad Ali

I.T Student with an aim to become a Hybrid App Developer. Started freeCodeCamp to earn certificates and get some hands on experience, Now helping others to do the same.

Raza's Picture

Ahmed Raza

Electronics Engineer by profession and a Coder at heart, CS50 motivated him to start his journey, He is Now focusing on learning react.js and mastering Javascript.

Shumail's Picture

Shumail Mehdi

CS student and an enthusiastic Fullstack Javascript Developer at Tectonic, He managed to get a job even before finishing his degree with the help of freeCodeCamp.

Hassan Jahangir's Picture

Hassan Jahangir

A PHP developer, running a company called BlackFire Host, having experience in multiple programming languages including Python, React JS and Java.

Zain Ahmed's Picture

Zain Ahmed

An enthusiastic Frontend Developer at Codexnow & Co-Fouder of Etechcore. He improved his skills through freeCodeCamp and is now helping others to improve theirs

Core Members

These are the people who kick started the group and started organizing the events when there was no one to look after the group, Without these members FCCKarachi wouldn't have picked up at all.

Moiz's Picture

Abdul Moiz

A Fulltime Web Developer, Javascript enthusiast and an Open source contributor, Looking forward to make a difference with freeCodeCamp Karachi, by helping & guiding others.

Nawazish's Picture

Nawazish Ali

A self taught Fullstack Web App Developer working at Recurship and an Open source contributor. He is helping others like him to break into tech with the help of freeCodeCamp Karachi

Hassan's Picture

Mohammad Hasan

Software Developer at 10Pearls and Programmer by Passion. He loves to help and guide others about programming and enjoys organizing meetups under the umbrella of freeCodeCamp.


This is one of the local study groups of FreeCodeCamp's platform. It is being run by some of the very enthusiastic members of the group itself who are like minded and share the same goal of supporting, guiding and connecting newcomers and experienced developers alike.

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